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Quality is our DNA

Since 26 years, we have been taking utmost care in maintaining our vehicles and storages in pristine condition to provide top notch quality care for your products. Our ISO 22000 and ISO 9001:2008 quality standards with a mix of vehicles we run ensures safe and fast deliveries.

24 Hr Delivery

Our company understands that you require faster and safer deliveries. Our Hub & Spoke paradigm makes this possible with our sheer mix of vehicles and storages that are connected through critical areas to reach every city across India faster.
24 Hour

Zero Missed Order

With our web-portal management system and WMS, we track each shipment that is en-route or stored and makes sure that the orders are delivered before or within the date that is mentioned by the client.
0Missed Deliveries

Demand Planning

We use our experienced team to monitor and forecast and estimate demands for various products at various points in the supply chain. Using our analytics report, we forecast demand and replenish stocks based on the need.
Demand Planning

State of the Art Technology

At Gati Kausar, we always try to simplify the entire supply chain using various technologies. With the state-of-the-art technology such as location trackers, temperature sensors, barcode scanners, KEMS, etc. we facilitate faster and efficient movement of products.
State Of The Art Technology

GST Ready Solutions

We have also developed a custom ERP system (KEMS) that has geared up for GST driven regulation change, tax impact assessment & accounting, input credit set off among other dynamic changes.

Automated Operation

Automated operations enable the supply chain to operate faster and reliable by minimizing manual errors. Technologies like WMS and shop floor automation are the soul behind automating repeatable tasks in the supply chain.
Automated Operations

Unmatched Reliability

Gati Kausar has been leading the logistics industry across every sector in India. With our quality and commitment to transport products efficiently, we have achieved zero missed orders and updated our system with advanced technologies to ensure maximum reliability for your transportation.
Unmatched Reliability

Market Integration

Our Infrastructure has achieved its dominance throughout India, and this has enabled us to consistently adhere to the needs and requirements of the entire logistics market by forecasting demand and planning deliveries between different markets accordingly.
Market Integration



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