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Bridging the gap between demand and connectivity

There are several complexities that companies face when they try to ship products from key metropolitan areas to poorly connected areas. Gati Kausar has studied and employed Hub & Spoke model to pick up, store, and transport products to connect metro and remote areas.

Temperature Chambers

Gati Kausar owns and operates temperature controlled TAPA-A certified warehousing space of more than 5000 pallets. We have four different chambers – frozen, chilled, semi-chilled and ambient. All the chambers have multiple monitoring systems to track and notify alerts to the respective persons.

Automated Operations

We employ automated machine handling equipment for efficient auto retrieval and storage of products, barcode scanning for recording and managing all the products, and shop floor automation to make the supply chain more efficient.

Safety Methods

To protect your products from over-freezing or leaks, we have installed more than 25 ammonia leak detectors that enable us to take emergency steps when there’s any crisis. We use Warehouse Management System (WMS) with FEFO (First Expiry, First Out) methodology to optimize the supply chain.

Value Added Services

All employees are well-trained in handling the stocks and carry out all the process of kitting – de-kitting – as safely as possible with utmost care and diligence. We provide automated reports for every shipment and also analyze data across facilities to manage transportation in multiple regions.

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

Gati Kausar enables live monitoring of vehicle movement through KEMS, a web-based performance portal for all your needs. Along with GPS, the trucks are also fitted with temperature monitoring devices to routinely check if the optimum temperature is maintained.

Fleet Strength

Gati Kausar operates more than 180 temperature-controlled vehicles to provide immediate transportation solutions using Hub & Spoke model. The fleet includes small refrigerated vehicles for in city milk deliveries to large refrigerated vehicles for long haul or last mile delivery.

Temperature Controlled Vehicles

Refrigerated storages and temperature-controlled vehicles are maintained in pristine quality and installed with advanced telematics for route-alert, speed-alert, and door opening and closing alert.

Pan-India Repair & Maintenance

In case of any troubles, we also have backup vehicles across the country to ensure that your products are delivered to your shelf as mentioned.

Temperature Controlled Line Haul and Last Mile Distribution

Be it a package, container or pallet; few hundred kilometers to few kilometers, top priority or a less urgent delivery, we have the strength and fleet to deliver products to every warehouse or retail shops across the length and breadth of India via our implementation of hub & spoke model.

Customized Vertical Based Solution

With 26 years of expertise in running a pan India reach cold chain network, we provide customized solutions for different verticals with multiple temperature chambers and a diverse range of reefer vans.

Flexible & Scalable Infrastructure

Being a leader in cold chain across the country, Gati Kausar with its data-driven analytics understands the demands during seasonal times and fulfills requirement with its transportation network accordingly.

KEMS & Data-Driven Logistics

 We have built a web-based performance system (KEMS) that deliver real-time information on the location of the vehicle, temperature fluctuations, stock management and age of stock. Technologies like barcode scanning and shop floor automation help you generate reports on orders, inventory, and shipping.

Pan India Reach

We have built our network based on Hub & Spoke model that allows us to reach and transport products from one part of the city to another. Built on reliability and expertise, our team professionally caters to your needs anywhere across the country.

Fully Integrated Cold Chain Solutions


Freshness Monitoring Tools

The greater the distance between two cities, the harder it is to preserve the freshness of product during transportation. Our company ensures that no matter what the distance is, quality and freshness of the products are maintained with 180 temperature-controlled vehicles. With Gati’s innovation in transportation and connectivity, you can taste fresh Nagpur Oranges at Delhi the same day they are plucked.


Transportation is critical to cold chain business. If the products are not shipped at proper temperatures, consumers may face critical health problems because of the degradation. At Gati Kausar, we strive to connect metro cities with remote places using our fleet of transport vehicles and infrastructure while maintaining the optimum temperature of the products.

Risk Mitigation

Our cold chain solution team, since 26 years, has been proactively analyzing and collecting information regarding the risks that can happen while transporting products. The outcome of the analytics is formulating of strategic plans that can be implemented to reduce risks. We also employ the use of latest technologies and IT solutions to improve our strategy plans.

Temperature Control

Each product has to be maintained at a certain temperature to preserve and sustain the quality of the product. To ensure that the product is safe and potent, we continuously monitor and track the temperature at every instance. If there is any subtle change at any of the reefer vehicles or storages, we deploy immediate measures to make sure that the temperature is restored at the very next moment.

Customer Protection

We always rely on fair practices and provide accurate information regarding the transportation if requested by you. We ensure that all our employees abide by the Contract Act of 1982 and Sales of Goods Act of 1930.

Intelligent Storage

To achieve cost effectiveness, total reliability and rapid turnaround time, a constant watch is maintained for all the products that are stored in the warehouses and storage vehicles. We employ the use of temperature monitoring devices and other monitoring equipment to monitor and analyze the state of the products intelligently.


Our key effort in storing and transporting is to procure and preserve the product as it is from the pickup site to the delivery site. To sustain the wholesomeness of the product, we utilize the infrastructure and technologies at our end to preserve the texture, color, flavor, etc. of the product.


Cold storages enhance products quality by extending their lifetime. Each product has a different shelf life, and our warehouses are designed in such a way that they could be accommodated in multiple chambers of more than 5000+ pallets space with different temperatures. The products that are stored are safe from the harsh climatic conditions outside and are safely preserved in their comfortable ambiance.



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